1What does online coaching entail?
As a client of online coaching you are provided with a customized training program and a complete nutritional breakdown based on your specific goals. As you start your fitness journey we are there to support you and guide you every step of the way! Every week you will check in with Coach Nick via E-mail and adjustments will be made based on your progress. We offer support 24/7 to ensure you are receiving the best customer service possible!
2Do I need my own equipment? What about for online coaching?
For personal training sessions, no. Our service is fully equipped with all the tools that will provide you with the most effective training sessions. We bring the gym to YOU! If you are an online coaching client we recommend using a gym or fitness facility to participate in our programs. Working out at home is acceptable but you must have basic equipment in order to fulfill all exercises of our programs.
3What areas do you service?
We offer online coaching to clients worldwide. Our mobile personal training services are offered in the New York City / Westchester County regions.
4Do you only offer mobile personal training at clients’ homes?
We provide customized individual workouts at your place of choice - whatever your desired exercise program, we bring it to you! In your home, office, nearby park or any setting of your choice at whatever time is best for you.
5What if I have no experience working out before, can I still sign up?
Absolutely! We fully welcome all people at any level regardless of experience, physical ability or age to participate in our programs.
6Should I consult with my doctor prior to starting a program with Revival Health and Fitness?
Yes, it is absolutely necessary. All of our clients are encouraged to consult with their doctor for medical clearance prior to starting a workout program with us to ensure they are in adequate health to start a fitness program.
7How fast will I see results in my body?
Results are based on client commitment and dedication to their designed program. RHF provides you with all the tools to be successful however it is up to the client to follow the program as instructed.
8What should I do prior to my training session?
All clients should be dressed appropriately for physical activity and be able to move comfortably throughout the workout. Laced up sneakers are required to participate in our sessions. Drinking water should be readily available for proper hydration during sessions. For Revival Health and Fitness workout gear please visit the GEAR tab to browse our collection.
9What if I have questions in between my workout sessions regarding my workout program/regimen?
Clients can contact Coach Nick 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email or through DM via Facebook or Instagram to address any questions or concerns they have between workout sessions.
10What is the cancellation policy for training sessions?
If a client needs to cancel a workout session, there is a 24 hour cancellation policy in place that allows clients to do so. Clients are asked to give their personal training coach 24 hours notice prior to their session.
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